Link 31 Oct 1 note Occupy Belo Monte - Update on the Belo Monte Dam Protest»

Belo Monte Dam construction site was occupied by 400 indigenous people, fishermen and riverine community members who oppose the project due to its severe environmental impacts and human rights violations. The occupation was a collective decision made by 700 representatives from local communities who attended a seminar against the Belo Monte Dam held this week in Altamira, and it proved an important step forward in the continuing struggle to halt the project. read all

Link 29 Oct Art of Bleeding Ambulance Show»

The Art of Bleeding produces ego-destabilizing programs on safety and medical education for both live and video presentation. Often staged from an actual ambulance, our performances utilize a perturbing mix of cartoonish costumes, puppets, vintage educational films, animation, and thinly veiled medical fetishism to create a sort of “paramedical funhouse” in which the groping ego may ultimately experience TRUE SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS….The Art of Bleeding will present their “magic ambulance theater” show titled Halloween Highway 2, at the Steve Allen Theater - Los Angeles, on October 28, 29 and 30, 2011 starting at 8 PM each evening. read all

Link 29 Oct Why “The Unsung Hero” Gaddafi Was Murdered By The West»

This is part of the West’s bigger agenda of establishing neo-colonialism with the goal of ruthlessly controlling and exploiting the natural resources of the developing countries. It’s debatable whether Gadaffi was a hero or a villain but at the end of the western era, history will be re-written and the Western leaders will be declared murderous villains as the blood is also on their all

Link 27 Oct Most Wanted corporate human rights abusers»

Corporations carry out some of the most horrific human rights abuses of modern times, but it is increasingly difficult to hold them to account. Economic globalization and the rise of transnational corporate power have created a favorable climate for corporate human rights abusers, which are governed principally by the codes of supply and demand and show genuine loyalty only to their stockholders. READ ALL

Link 24 Oct Library of Dust»

David Maisel … Library of Dust depicts individual copper canisters, each containing the cremated remains of patient from a state-run psychiatric hospital. The patients died at the hospital between 1883 (the year the facility opened, when it was called the Oregon State Insane Asylum) and the 1970’s; their bodies have remained unclaimed by their families. The approximately 3,500 copper canisters have a handmade quality; they are at turns burnished or dull; corrosion blooms wildly from the leaden seams and across the surfaces of many of the cans. read

Link 12 Oct Occupy Dallas art photos»

Occupy Dallas protesters were given permission by the city of Dallas on Monday to remain camped at Pioneer Plaza near the Dallas Convention Center until Friday, October 14 at 5 p.m. [UPDATE: That permit was revoked late Tuesday. See below for more details.] The group began protesting last week in Dallas to speak against the rising costs in health care, “gross mishandling” of the mortgage crisis, and growing national debt, according to a permit the group was given Monday evening. here are art photos… see all

Link 10 Oct Extreme Prejudice: Why Western Woman Must Support Gaddafi»

by Susan Lindauer  ………… Hillary Clinton and President Sarkozy might loath to admit it, but the desire to turn back the clock on women rights in Libya constitutes one of the chief goals for NATO Rebels on the Transitional Council. For NATO Rebels—who are overwhelmingly pro-Islamist, regardless of NATO propaganda (see — it’s a matter of restoring social obedience to Islamic doctrine. However the abaya is more than a symbol of virtue and womanly modesty. It would usher in a full conservative doctrine, impacting women’s rights in marriage and divorce, the rights to delay childbirth to pursue education and employment—all the factors that determine a woman’s status of independence. That makes this one War Libya’s women cannot afford to lose. .. read all

Text 6 Oct hallo Occupy Wall Street, NATO killing childrens in Libya is occupy Wall Street designed to steal the headlines away from NATO’s atrocities- SAy NO

hallo Occupy Wall Street, NATO killing childrens in Libya  is occupy Wall Street designed to steal the headlines away from NATO’s atrocities- SAy NO

Link 3 Oct The launch of the strategy NOONA MIME - Moussa Ibrahim on Raai TV 01.10.11»

Peace be upon you. ….. I was near the Sirte front with 23 fighters. We were under attack by well-armed rebels for more than a day and a half, and we suffered fatalities.” ….. He went on to announce the launch of the strategy NOONA MIME [N - NATO - M - MAJLIS INTIKALI (NTC)]. This strategy involves creating multiple flash points of instability to continually disrupt every NATO plan, rendering the ongoing presence of NATO in Libya untenable. Thus the NTC will be abandoned and the Resistance can demolish it within a month. Recent events have shown that the NTC is very weak with their rebels failing to take over Bani Walid and Sirte in the last few days. READ ALL

Link 6 Sep Time to Disband NATO: Expansion in Violation of Pledges»

The Empire has no clothes. It has been revealed. Having unilaterally withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia, the US is leading NATO to build a ring of missiles round Russia in Europe. It is globalizing its military forces and operations. An armada of missile-laden NATO war ships is deployed in oceans around the world with nearly 1,000 US military bases on every continent on the planet. Working in this expanded military capacity, NATO members and their allies are encircling China in the Pacific, just as we are surrounding Russia, while rejecting Russia and China’s repeated proposals to negotiate a ban on weapons in space. NATO is a lawless rogue alliance, determined to control the world’s oil and other scarce resources, by brute force.

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